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The Young Scientist program is a collaborative effort taken by The Derma Co and Bhumi

The Young Scientist (YS) program focuses on imparting scientific awareness to students on the rising concerns of the climate crisis. The engagement will be in the form of an experiment-based workshop.YS aims to empower 10,000 children from 100 schools across Chennai and Bangalore.The students will be introduced to experiential learning and actionable steps, to help them participate in mitigating the effects of climate change.The program includes a workshop and is a one-time event.

The workshop will focus on following topics

Volunteer. Lead. Inspire

Workshop Format

1) Understanding the correlation between science and environment.

2) Introduce, among several topics, How human activities lead to increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere

3) A Demonstration of the above with a science experiment (Each group of 5 students perform the experiment along with the Bhumi facilitator)

4) A short documentary on some actionable steps to reduce our carbon footprint

5) A Discussion on the large scale solutions required to reduce the impact of climate change

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Volunteer. Lead. Inspire

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Who can participate in this workshop?

Only Government schools can apply for this. The workshop is for classes 5th to 10th only

How long is the workshop?

How to apply for the workshop?

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