Helping the Youth of India Upskill


Helping the Youth of India Upskill


Helping the Youth of India Upskill

About the Project

 With the youth comprising over one-third of the Indian population, our nation is estimated to have the largest workforce by 2027. While the demographic dividend could favor India, there are formidable challenges ahead. India Skills Report 2022 by Wheebox, a global leader in online remote proctored assessments, says only 48.7% of total youth in India is employable, the highest employable age group is 22 to 25 years. This means almost 1 out 2 Indian youths are not employable. Decoding India’s skill gap: Experts think the country is facing skill deficit (2021) 

At Bhumi, we believe that it is crucial to render support & direction to the underprivileged youth by bridging this burgeoning gap in the acquisition of skills. Bhumi’s Skill-Ed program equips youth between 18-27 years with 21st-century skills by offering them IT courses, Software courses and soft-skill training free of cost.

Our host of courses is free, immersive, provides hands-on learning, and centers around generating employability for underprivileged youth. We hope to invigorate our beneficiaries by mitigating the conflict between academic attainment, skill, and employment by aiding them in their socio-economic well-being and encouraging them to contribute to nation-building.


To build a resilient, self-reliant India by coordinating industry demand with a skilled workforce with an ambition for sustainable livelihoods.


To address unemployment among underprivileged youth & the pressing need for skilled human resources by narrowing the persisting gap between the demand and supply of skills.

Number of Students Covered


Number of youth registered across India


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Eligibility Criteria


To apply the following conditions should be met: 

  • Must be a matriculate (10th pass). She/he could be a drop-out /continuing education after 10th standard /looking for a job.
  • Annual family income of the applicant must be less than 2.5 lakhs per year

Apply Now Refer a Youth
Upon successful submission of the application you will receive level 2 application form which will collect language and time preference to register you in language, time and course based batches.
Our domain experts will empower these students to become ready for the workforce. If you meet the eligibility criteria and or know someone who could benefit from this, please apply right now! 
All these training programs are completely free of cost.

Technical Courses that are taught so far

Center of Excellence


  • By setting up a Center of Excellence at colleges, Bhumi will be helping the less privileged
    youth studying at the college to take up digital courses on design tools and technologies.
  • The youth will also be equipped with Soft skills training post college hours / during
    weekends making them job ready.
  • The Center of Excellence will help the youth to get hands on the tools and technology there
    by making them feel more confident.
  • Post completion of the course, the youth get positive employer responses and increased
    employment opportunities.
  • If you or your college is willing to be part of our initiative please fill out the form.


Our Corporate Employee Volunteers


Our Donors: 


No, All these training programmes are completely free of cost.

Yes, You will undergo an online assessment after completing the course and would be certified by Bhumi in partnership with DXC

No you will be choose a course which you wanted to learn

 Sure, You can upskill your digital skills and build your dream career.

It’s a 3 month course where you will have 3 sessions per week.

You will receive a level 2 application form which will collect language and time preference to register you in language, time and course based batches and then you will have an introduction round.