Helping the Youth of India Upskill

About the Project

COVID-19 has not just created a global health crisis but also led to serious issues such as the forced suspension of many education and training institutions. This is bound to affect the youths’ transitions to and within the labor markets and hence impact their livelihoods adversely. In such a scenario, upskilling these youth with digital skills is a must in order to support them in building their dream careers.

Bhumi has launched a skill upgradation program for the youth between the age of 18-27 years. As part of this, we will give them training in digital skills and soft skills that will help them become job-ready. The applicants need not pay anything for the learning imparted. 


Number of Youth registered across India


Number of Youth shortlisted


Number of batches currently running

Eligibility Criteria


To apply the following conditions should be met: 

  • Must be a matriculate (10th pass). She/he could be a drop-out /continuing education after 10th standard /looking for a job.
  • Annual family income of the applicant must be less than 2.5 lakhs per year

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Upon successful submission of the application you will receive level 2 application form which will collect language and time preference to register you in language, time and course based batches.
Our domain experts will empower these students to become ready for the workforce. If you meet the eligibility criteria and or know someone who could benefit from this, please apply right now! 
All these training programs are completely free of cost.
Academic Support for Students of TamilNadu

Academic Support

Bhumi supports education of 9th and 10th standard students from low income family background, studying in Tamil Nadu government schools. Through this program, the students will get free online tutoring support in mathematics, science, and English subjects from well trained teachers. Additionally, the students will also be helped in upgrading their computer skills. We hope the support will empower them to build a deep, solid understanding of the subjects and assist them in becoming goal oriented.
If you know any such student who could benefit from this, please remember to refer them to us with their name and contact information.


Eligibility Criteria

1) Students studying in government/government aided schools of Tamil Nadu.

2) Annual family income of the student should be 2.5 Lakhs or less


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No, All these training programmes are completely free of cost.

Yes, You will undergo an online assessment after completing the course and would be certified by Bhumi in partnership with DXC

No you will be choose a course which you wanted to learn

 Sure, You can upskill your digital skills and build your dream career.

It’s a 3 month course where you will have 3 sessions per week.

You will receive a level 2 application form which will collect language and time preference to register you in language, time and course based batches and then you will have an introduction round.