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02.g) Volunteer mapping to project database

  • This is a process that is to be completed to move the details of the volunteers in the project database.
  • Logic:

Orientation attendance, pedagogy attendance & induction attendance must be added to move the volunteer to the project database.

  • Who can do it?

Lead Bhumi coordinators

  • When to do it?

As soon as the volunteer has finished the relevant training and before they attend the first session in their assigned centre so attendance can be captured accurately.

  • How to do it?
    • Single Volunteer mapping to volunteer database:
      1. Choose the volunteer and choose the edit option.
      2. Mark the centre & batch if it has not been added yet.
      3. A checkbox will appear as “Move to volunteer database”. Select the checkbox and click on submit
      4. The details of the volunteer will be replicated in the volunteer database.
      5. Video recording: Click here
  • Troubleshooting:
  • Lead Bhumi Coordinator : I’m not able to edit details of the volunteers in the RSVP List? 

View this for the steps to resolve.

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