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02.a) Slot Management:- Orientation, Pedagogy, Induction

Slot management form is created to manage orientation, pedagogy & induction sessions.

  • Logic for submission – 

No logic is built in for submission.

  • Who can do/view it? 

Lead Bhumi coordinators & ELDP coordinators can submit for the respective sessions.

  • Who will approve/reject it?
  • For orientation After checking up the Volunteer requirement for the chapter, the HR team will approve or reject the Orientation slot.
  • For Pedagogy – The Content team (Arun) will approve the slot if the presenter has finished the required KT and has been added as pedagogy trainer.
  • For Induction (if approval is added) – National Support Team of the respective projects.
  • When to raise the slot?
  • For Orientation – At least 10 Days prior to the session 
  • For Pedagogy – At least 1 week prior to the session
  • How to use it?
  1. Pre-requirements: Date, session slot timing, Venue details, Trainer contact details & alternate Point of contact details to be decided & finalized.
  2. Based on the session to be created, Enter the purpose & fill in the remaining details based on the details collected as pre-requirements. (Shorten address url as a or google short link) 
  3. Trainer/Presenter details are to be entered as PoC details & the contact details of venue coordinator are to be entered in the Alternate PoC fields. 
  4. Post submission,if there is an approval, it will be on the basis of the logic for the session approval. 
  5. Video tutorial : Click here. 
  • Troubleshooting:
  • The Orientation/Pedagogy/Induction slot is not approved! Check in with the respective team via email looping all concerned (HR team for orientation, content team for pedagogy & project NST for induction)
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