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02.d.) Pedagogy Attendance

  • Pedagogy attendance is a calendar view type report to manage all pedagogy session records. 
  • Logic for pedagogy attendance: 
    • For filling up pedagogy/induction attendance for a particular volunteer, the orientation attendance date must be filled in first.
    • Slot has to be active. 
  • Who can do/view it?
    • Pedagogy Trainers, Lead Bhumi coordinators & ELDP can update the pedagogy attendance.
  • When to add pedagogy attendance?
    • Before/right after the session is over.
  • How to use it?
    • Add Session attendance:
      1. Click on “Add a record”.
      2. Enter the chapter & choose the type of pedagogy session.
      3. Choose the slot & add in the volunteers (new or old who attended with presenter details) along with comments if any & click on submit.
      4. Video Tutorial – Click here
    • View session attendance records: Calendar view by default & List view (temporary arrangement) 
    • Print : As a list or summary
    • Export Data: Export options available as spreadsheet, pdf, html, xml, json, csv, tsv

Search Data: Details of a slot can be searched using the search option in the top right corner. Search option fields include all the fields from the pedagogy attendance form.

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