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02.b) Orientation RSVP

  • Orientation RSVP is a report and maintains the records of all the details of the volunteers who have RSVP-ed through the orientation RSVP form to attend a Bhumi orientation.
  • Once the orientation attendance is filled for the volunteers who have attended the orientation session, the records reflect the orientation date & project preference for those volunteers.
  • Post pedagogy & induction, from the orientation form LBs can map volunteers to the respective centres of their project.
  • Who can view it?

Lead Bhumi coordinators & ELDP coordinators

  • How to use it?
  1. View: It can be viewed as a list report, calendar report, timeline or kanban report.
  2. Export Data: Export options available as  spreadsheet, pdf, html, xml, json, csv, tsv
  3. Search Data: The optimised way to search for an individual volunteer detail would be to use a unique identifier such as email id or phone number
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