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02.c) Orientation Attendance

  • Orientation attendance is a report & displays the orientation session attendances in a typical calendar with dynamic views that enables you to add,edit, print, export, import & view the records as daily, weekly, or monthly events.
  • Logic for orientation attendance:

Attendance can be captured for only the volunteers who have RSVP-ed an Active slot using the RSVP form.

  • Who can do/view it?

Lead Bhumi coordinators, ELDP coordinators can update the orientation attendance.  

  • When to add orientation attendance?

Before or right after the session is over.

  • How to use it?
    • Adding a session attendance (Automatic):

Volunteers program preference and orientation attendance are stored in zoho once they fill the orientation preference form in Zoho

  • Adding a session attendance (Manual):
    • Under volunteer onboarding, Choose orientation attendance in the Ignite App
    • Add the necessary details. Make sure you select the correct slot.
    • Only enter the details of the volunteers who have attended the session.
    • Add all the presenters and panelist details (This will count towards their volunteer contribution hours)
    • Add in any comments if needed & click submit.
    • Video Tutorial: Click here
  • Viewing records: Calendar view by default & List view (temporary arrangement) 
  • Print : As a list or summary
  • Export Data: Export options available as spreadsheet, pdf, html, xml, json, csv, tsv
  • Search Data: Details of a slot can be searched using the search option in the top right corner. Search option fields include all the fields from the orientation attendance form.
  • Troubleshooting (some use cases)
  • If a volunteer has missed to fill in RSVP and the session is over – The volunteer must register in a dummy slot. To add a dummy slot, contact the CST.
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