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Actions in Ignite App

There are many actions that are available in zoho for the purpose of ease of data usage. Depending on the browser or mobile application or mobile web, the various options are available within the Ignite app.

There are other multi-step actions available in the Ignite app to edit or change. records such as 

  1. Bulk Edit option(this option is disabled for some actions & access levels)

As the name suggests, the option is available to apply the same value to multiple records. Bulk edit options can be highly useful when you want to apply the same value to many records as the editing in each record can be very tedious. 

For example: to mark multiple volunteers dormant

  1. Choose the volunteers & click the edit button    


  1. Choose the fields to edit. Here the fields to choose are “Volunteering status” & ”Reason for dormant status”. 
  1. Choose the status as dormant and key in the reason for dormant status. Click Apply/Submit

Some use cases of bulk edit option can be

  1. Mapping Volunteers to the respective projects.
  2. Marking volunteers/students dormant.
  3. Changing centres for volunteers 
  4. Changing the role of volunteers from teaching to centre coordinator or vice versa etc.
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