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About Ignite App

  • Ignite app is a cloud storage and specially customized software application built on Zoho Creator platform to manage all of Bhumi’s data in it.
  • Bhumi uses Ignite App to manage the lifecycle of our three key Stakeholders in terms of data as below:
Volunteers onboarding & Volunteer DatabaseStudents DatabaseNew centre identification reports 
Class – volunteer attendanceClass- students attendanceCentre database 
Orientation slot management & attendance Assessments records
Pedagogy and induction slot management & attendanceCentre visit feedback
Request for certificate
Bhumi awards nomination

[Note : Lead Bhumi related data is managed through Lead Bhumi app separately.]

  • Ignite App VS Excel Sheet/Spreadsheet? Ignite App has been chosen to maintain a common structured and dynamic representation of data and to fulfill the need of software application with ability for customization of Bhumi’s need and upgradability.
  • Can we use it offline ? Though Zoho creator has offline access facility, Ignite App is designed to work online only since several data validation is included in the app.
  • Who can do/view it? 
  • Every Ignite Volunteer will receive automatic access to the Ignite App (Only after attending orientation & all mandatory training). Based on the role of the volunteer, the access level inside the app & the functions to perform will vary. (Note : Don’t register/signup in zoho before the link to register is sent by [email protected])
  • How to get access for Zoho App as an Ignite Volunteer?
  1. After attending orientation, please complete all mandatory training. The respective coordinators have to update your orientation attendance &  training completion attendance. 
  2. Only after the above information is updated, an access email is automatically triggered within Zoho to your registered email id. (the email id you have used to register in Bhumi)
  3. Click on the link in the email to follow the on-screen steps & now, you can access the Ignite

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