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07. Expense

  • Expense Dashboard is to manage the expense requests that have been raised by a volunteer related to each project/programme.
  • Who can raise an expense request?

All Bhumi volunteers. 

  • “I want to spend for the kids I teach/I have spent for the kids I teach. Why should I raise a request first/submit a report & seek reimbursement? Why should I use the expense tracker for the same?” 

We need to maintain accurate data of the expenses incurred in our project/programme. There are also rules in place for certain expense limits and categories. Thus, to seamlessly manage & maintain an accurate database of the expenses that have occurred for our projects, a volunteer must use the expense tracker.

  • When to use it?

There are key points to be aware of before incurring an expense for your project. For full & updated guidelines, refer here –

  • How to use it?
  1. What does the dashboard contain
  • Has all the relevant quick links.
  • Provides at a glance the total count of your expense requests which are: 
  1. Submitted by you
  2. Approved by Authoriser/Financier.
  3. Declined by Authoriser/Financier.
  4. Pending with Authoriser
  5. Pending with financier
  6. To raise a new expense request
  • In your Ignite App, click on the Expense tab & select Submit a new request. Or enter through this link here & click on “submit a new request”
  • Your details are automatically entered if you enter through the Ignite App. If you enter through the link, enter your registered email id/active email id.
  • Fill in the expense category, expense details with all required fields. Ensure to add all supporting documents.
  • Enter your bank details. 
  • Select the checkboxes to confirm that your bank details are correct & that you have read, understood the expense guidelines. 
  • Click submit.
  1. Tracking the status of an expense request. 
  • Click on “Track my request status” in the dashboard. 
  • All the requests submitted by you will be shown as a list report.
  • Check the status column for the current status of the expense request.
  • The status can be “received/approved/declined/Pending with clarification/Pending with Authorizer/Pending with Finance”.
  • Check the comments by the authoriser or comments by Financier for additional information provided if any. 
  • Troubleshooting
  • My expense request has been declined. What do I do?

Please approach your LB coordinator/NST/CST for further assistance.

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