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06.b) Centre visit Feedback

  • Centre Visit Feedback form is a form to submit details about a session observed
  • The centre Visit Feedback report contains all the records submitted for a particular project/chapter by all the observers
  • Feedback form will help to 
  • observe and give honest feedback about the proceeding of the class. 
  • Based on the feedback provided, the changes will be done suitably and it will be useful for improving the quality of our project and the kids will be directly benefiting from it.
  • When to do it?

As soon as the session is over

  • How to do it?
  1. Add centre visit feedback: 
  • Click on add record & add all the details with respect to the feedback form. 
  • Be detailed & clear.
  1. View : can be viewed as a list report or kanban report.
  2. Filter – Filter records by the auto filters available.
  3. Export Data: Export options available as  spreadsheet, pdf, html, xml, json, csv, tsv
  4. Print : As a list or summary
  5. Search : Using for a specific record using the search filters such as session date, Centre name etc. 
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