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05.c) Assessment – LES

  • We need to mark BAT, MYA & EYA scores only in the Ignite App to 
  • analyze and understand the impact made on the children and track them over a period of time
  • To compare the results across centres. 
  • To create reports for center authorities and donors.
  • Who can view it?
  • Teaching volunteers/Centre coordinators – for their centre
  • National coordinators – for their project/chapter
  • Who can add records?

All LES volunteers can mark the assessment scores for the students from their centre

  • How to use it?
  1. Add a assessment record
  1. Go to the assessment tab in Ignite app & choose Assessment – LES. Click on add button to add an assessment record
  2. Chapter, Project, centre are automatically populated. Choose the student from your centre and add the assessment details
  3. Add the assessment scores as per the marks obtained by the respective student & click submit.
  4. Video tutorial – Click here 
  1. View : can be viewed as a list or kanban report
  2. Search Data:  The optimised way to search for an individual student detail would be to use a unique identifier such as student id.

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