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04.a) Student

  • List report of the records of all the beneficiaries in your centre/project/chapter.
  • Who can view it?
  • Teaching volunteer/Centre coordinator –  all the beneficiaries in your centre.
  • Lead Bhumi coordinator –  all the beneficiaries in your project
  • ELDP coordinators –  all the beneficiaries in your project/chapter.
  • How to use it?
    • For Lead Bhumi coordinator only : 
      • Update the standard of the student:
        •  Select the student record, click on edit & update the record. 
        • (Can use bulk edit option if there are similar updates).
      • Marking student status as dormant/Marking a centre as dormant
  1.  Choose the student record(s). 
  2. Select the student record, click on edit & change the status from Active to Dormant & the reason for dormant status. 
  3. If there are many students from the same centre & similar reasons, then use the bulk edit option to change at one go (See Actions in Ignite App)
  4. To mark an entire centre as dormant, choose all the student records for that centre using the bulk edit option.
  5. Modify the fields Status & Reason for dormant status & click submit. The centre is now dormant.
  6. Video Tutorial : Click here
  • View : can be viewed as a list report, calendar report, timeline or kanban report.
  • Export Data: Export options available as  spreadsheet, pdf, html, xml, json, csv, tsv
  • Print : As a list or summary
  • Filter – Filter records by the auto filters available.
  • Search Data: 
    • The optimised way to search for an individual student detail would be to use a unique identifier such as student id number
  • Troubleshooting
  • How to add new student records to the student database? If it is an existing centre, then submit the updated student details in the required format through Ignite Service desk under the category –  Student Master Update
  • How to change the status (availability) from dormant to active for a student? The Data of a dormant student will be hidden from the database. Submit their details through Ignite Service desk under the category as Student Master update to change dormant students to active status. 
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