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03.c) My attendance

  • My attendance is a list report of the user’s attendance that has been marked for attending classes
  • Helps to maintain a track of one’s own attendance & promptly raise if any mismatch in data
  • Shows the attendance of this academic year alone.
  • Logic for attendance
    1. Calculation for total number of classes happened:

It is calculated from first class after the date of induction whichever is later. It is calculated as the number of regular sessions recorded against the batch of the volunteer. Ensure that you are mapped to the appropriate batch for the count to be accurate.

Eg. Centre A has had 30 classes in total from June to April. Vignesh started his volunteering journey in Aug and since then  25 classes have happened.So for Vignesh, the count of classes that has happened in his centre is 25.

  1. Calculation of total number of classes attended:

It is the total number of classes attended by the volunteer as a Batch volunteer, Batch substitute, Center substitute, and non-session participation. 

  • Batch Volunteer – Attending on the same day as per the assigned batch (Saturday/Sunday) in the assigned centre. Make sure you are marked in the correct batch in your assigned centre..
  • Batch Substitute – Attending a class as a substitute for an alternate batch in the assigned centre 
  • Center Substitute – Attending a class as a substitute for a different centre. 
  • Non-session –Attendance recorded for activities participated other than regular session such as orientation / training / event will be recorded under ‘non-session’ attendance. Eg. Super Teacher Workshops
  • Who can view it?

All Ignite volunteers who have access to the Ignite app can view their own attendance records.

Ignite App -> My Attendance

  • How to use it?
    1. View : can be viewed as a list report, calendar report, timeline or kanban report.
    2. Export Data: Export options available as  spreadsheet, pdf, html, xml, json, csv, tsv
    3. Print : As a list or summary
    4. Search : Search your attendance records using the given filters.
  • Troubleshooting?
  • Why is my attendance percentage low?

It might be due to any one condition mentioned below 

  • You have really volunteered for the least number of classes as mentioned. 
  • You might have volunteered for many classes, but your Centre coordinator might have not marked the attendance in the Ignite app.  In this case, kindly contact your Centre coordinator to complete the attendance quickly in the Ignite app. If the Center coordinator does not respond in 10 days, kindly contact your Lead Bhumi coordinator.
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