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03.a) Volunteers

  • List report of the records of all the volunteers in your centre/project/chapter.
  • Who can view it?
  • Centre coordinator –  all the volunteers in your centre.
  • Lead Bhumi coordinator –  all the volunteers in your project
  • ELDP coordinators –  all the volunteers in your project/chapter
  • When to use it?
    • When you need to view or modify details of volunteers. 
    • Example : Viewing the details of your centre volunteers or as a Lead Bhumi coordinator, changing email address, mobile number, centre, marking volunteer status as dormant etc. 
  • How to use it?
    • For Lead Bhumi coordinators :
  1. Mark volunteers dormant
    1. Using bulk edit option, you can mark many volunteers dormant at one go (See Actions in Ignite App). 
    2. Video tutorial : here 
  2. To change role of volunteer : 
    1. Using bulk edit, you can change the role of a volunteer for multiple volunteers. 
    2. Video tutorial : Click here
  3. To edit any other details such as volunteer contact details, batch, centre etc.
    1. Go to to the volunteer record & click on the edit button
    2. Make the necessary changes & click on submit. 
    3. For same value changes, you can also use the bulk edit option.
    4. Video tutorial : Click here
  • View : can be viewed as a list report, calendar report, timeline or kanban report.
  • Export Data: Export options available as  spreadsheet, pdf, html, xml, json, csv, tsv
  • Print : As a list or summary
  • Search Data: 
    • The optimised way to search for an individual volunteer detail would be to use a unique identifier such as email id or phone number
  • Troubleshooting
  • How to change the status (availability) from dormant to active for a volunteer? The Data of a dormant volunteer & student will be hidden from the database for LB coordinators. Share the details of the volunteers ((If it is for many volunteers, provide it in a tabular form) to your NST/CST  via email to change the respective dormant volunteers to active status. Then they will reappear in the project volunteer database.
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