Bring Smiles

The Programme

The Right to Education (RTE) Act has brought some hope to low-income families.  Yet access to quality education is still a dream for many children. According to the recent Annual Survey of Education Report (ASER), 32% of girls are not even enrolled in schools. Financial constraints also compel parents to support the education of only one child (in most cases, the boy).

We understand the need for quality education among the children from underprivileged families. To fill this gap, we have supported the school and college education of these children since 2013.

We know that going to school is the first step towards education. This translates later into self-esteem, confidence and leadership qualities among children. These help in providing them with better employment opportunities and break the cycle of poverty.

Bring Smiles programme has helped these children to pursue competitive careers. Building engineering, medical and financial service professionals out of the lesser privileged communities.