National Means Cum Merits Scholarship

National Means Cum Merit Scholarship (NMMS)

No one should have their education limited due to a lack of household income. For children from disadvantaged backgrounds education is their ticket out of poverty. Every child has the potential to become a doctor , engineer or pursue any profession that they dream of. Scholarships like these help them achieve their full potential, because money no longer is the bottleneck to their education.
You can now play a role and help these children by coaching them for NMMS scholarship.
National Means-Cum-Merit Scholarship is a Centrally sponsored scholarship scheme. NMMS encourages disadvantaged students to continue their studies at the secondary level by offering a scholarship amount of INR 12,000 per annum.

We are looking for volunteers like you to help these children prepare for its selection test that include a mental ability test and a scholastic aptitude test.

Who is eligible for NMMS?

1. A Student in Eighth standard from Govt or Govt aided school present academic year
2. Family income less than Rs. 1,50,000 per annum
3. 60 % marks in 7th standard”

Volunteering for NMMS Coaching

  • Short Term - Flexible Volunteering
  • Modularised Content - Visible Impact
  • Space to Experiment & Innovate
  • 100% of the volunteers have found this impactful or highly impactful
  • 100% of the volunteers would recommend this activity to others.

Together we can provide them a better future