Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Programme

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all"- Aristotle

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The Problem

Merit-oriented learning and highly competitive environments provide very few spaces that celebrate learning, nurture individual strengths and prepare children for the future. This has also resulted in children’s social and emotional needs taking a backseat.
Children are experiencing undue levels of stress and feel pressured to ‘perform well’. The current pandemic has only made this worse by adding newer challenges.
As per the National Mental Health Survey 2016, nearly 9.8 million young Indians in the age group 13-17 were in need of support due to high levels of stress. The current pandemic has only made this worse by adding newer challenges.

The Programme

The Head, Heart & Love (HELO) Program by Bhumi makes social and emotional learning (SEL) an integral part of education by fostering skills related to:
  • Developing healthy identities
  • Managing emotions and achieving personal and collective goals
  • Feeling and and showing empathy for others
  • Establishing and maintaining supportive relationships
  • Making responsible and caring decisions
    We take a comprehensive, “whole-school” approach to SEL by
    • Creating reflective learning spaces for various stakeholders of the education system (teachers, school administrators and parents)
    • Providing grade-specific deliverable content on SEL competencies
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The Impact:

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children have benefited through Bhumi’s SEL program since 2017
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educators in 60 schools and 23 urban community centres have enrolled in capacity building for emotional wellbeing

Mentor Testimonial

“The HELO Program Team showed a lot of drive and passion in taking Social and Emotional Learning to schools. The lesson plans and Educator Professional Development Workshops were well prepared for the Indian government school context.” - Ms. Maya Gaitonde, General Secretary, Bala Mandir Kamaraj Trust, author of Living in Harmony

Teacher Testimonial

“I understand that every student in the class comes from a different background. Their feelings are unique and we need to approach them based on their background in a positive way. The HELO workshop has made me understand such an approach towards handling my students and achieving satisfactory results .” - Ms D. Prema, Dhanalakshmi Primary School, Chennai

Student Testimonial

“I have been practising what I learnt in "emotions" lesson. My friends are saying that I have calmed down. I used to start shouting when someone played wide (in cricket) but these days I don’t get so angry.” - Santhosh, Grade 5
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