BHUMI (NGO for Education)

The goal of Bhumi, an NGO for education in India, is to provide quality education for children of disadvantaged communities and make a difference in the lives of those children. A vital part of their initiative is addressing the challenges that prevent these children from obtaining a quality education in their communities.

Bhumi is working towards providing holistic education and creating sustainable livelihoods for 5,000 children in the next ten years. For this we focus equally on shelter homes, communities and schools increasing impact and sustainability. 

This organization has remained true to UNESCO’s motto of being “committed to a holistic and humanistic vision of quality education worldwide, the realization of everyone’s right to education, and the belief that education plays a fundamental role in human, social, and economic development.” As an NGO in India for education, Bhumi has shown relentless dedication to making life better for children of disadvantaged communities by providing them with an education that will enable them to have a better future.

Bhumi bridges the gaps in formal education and opportunities by providing under-privileged children language and STEAM education, life-skills support and scholarships for higher education. 

  • through volunteers during weekends at orphanages engaged in providing holistic education and life skills support. 
  • through fellows  during the week at low-income private and government schools focused on school transformation and improving learning outcomes. 
  • through community youth every evening at after-school community centers in urban slums striving to improve community ownership on the education of their children.
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Shelter Homes Programme

Our vision is to provide sustainable livelihoods to underprivileged children in shelter homes.

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Community Learning Centers

The community programme consists of after-school education and activity sessions at our learning centers for children in urban slums.

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Socio-Emotional Development Programme

Our school transformation programme focuses on bringing social-emotional development into the school schedule.

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Ignite+ School Improvement programme

We improve schools and shelters into joyful, safe spaces for children. School infrastructure plays an important role in students' learning.

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