Save Children from COVID-19 Third Wave

As the untamed second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to handicap India, experts have raised apprehensions about another wave that may hit the country by the end of this year and is more likely to affect our children.
“We are most likely to face the third wave and there is a possibility that it will predominantly target the children. Mainly because most adults may already be infected or immunized. So, coronavirus has to find a new host and so the most vulnerable group in large number are the children.”

Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty, Chairman, Narayana Health

This makes it imperative for us to take steps in the right direction and prioritize the health & safety of our children especially those from lower-income backgrounds. We at Bhumi are making preparations to support these children who have little or no access to proper care. We want to support them with necessary food, medicines, and exercise to help build their immunity from now on so that they are capable of fighting this deadly virus.

After relevant discussions with experts here are some of the things we plan to do under this campaign:

  • Providing shelter home kids/slum kids / underprivileged kids with immunity booster kits for 3 months at least.
  • A dedicated Yoga teacher for each shelter home.
  • Radiation Thermometers + Oxymeters for shelter homes to help monitor the health of our children.
This kit will include : ( prescribed by a physician)
Iron Syrup, Calcium Syrups, Energy Drinks (Horlicks/Bournvita), Chyawanprash, Eggs, Sanitiser, N95 Masks, Gloves, and Basic Vitamins and Mineral Tablets. We will also provide organic sources such as sprouts and jaggery+groundnut ladoo depending on feasibility. Cost per kit – Rs 2000
We look forward to your cooperation.

Please contribute generously for the future of our country. 

For any clarifications, please contact :

Manav Gupta : 8600722252