Mental Health Support

“What mental health needs is more sunlight, more candor, and more unashamed conversation.”

We often tend to ignore our mental health and do not realize that it is also affecting our physical self. Studies show that the major mental health issues that have been reported to have been associated with the COVID-19 pandemic are stress, anxiety, depressive symptoms, insomnia, denial, anger and fear globally. 

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We are Listening

Who should seek professional help and when?


If you’re someone who finds oneself:

  1. worried, nervous, overwhelmed or anxious most of the time 
  2. facing emotional struggles that are interfering with your ability to engage in healthy lifestyle habits such as eating, sleeping, exercise, etc
  3. undergoing emotional instability leading to trouble functioning at work, at school, at home, or in relationships
  4. feeling extended period of grief or suicidal thoughts

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Support Groups -how do they help?

Support groups are gatherings of people going through similar experiences who come together to share coping mechanisms, & to feel empowered The intention of the group gatherings can be to
  1. express your feelings
  2. engage in guided self reflection
  3. listen to others stories
  4. have fun by playing games
  5. just laugh out loud

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Looking for tips and tricks to feel better?
  • Practice yoga or meditation 
  • Write something like a diary or journal OR read something positive
  • Everyday add one item to a list of Gratitude
  • Gardening or spend time with nature whenever possible
  • Go for solo walks
  • Acknowledge and accept feelings
  • Express yourself either to someone you trust or write it down to yourself
  • Avoid overeating when under anxiety, fear, grief or any such feeling
  • Use music therapy to calm down yourself
  • Play a game or sport (Not over phone)
  • Do something you like to do – any hobby like singing, dancing or painting
  • Learn something new that you wouldn’t have got the time to learn or practice otherwise if not for the pandemic

Remember, now you don’t have to struggle in silence.