What is DonateOpoly?
DonateOpoly 2021 is a unique campaign that brings together gaming and donating in one place.  Make a difference through a “fun”draiser. The funds raised through this campaign will support COVID-related relief efforts being organized by Bhumi at the moment.
DonateOpoly 2021 aims to encourage people to connect with each other through the game of Covidopoly, for a shared purpose.

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What is Covidopoly?
COVID-19 may have confined us to our homes, but there are hardly any geographical boundaries once you are online! Covidopoly is an online, multiplayer game based on Hasbro’s Monopoly Deal, inspired by the classic game of Monopoly.

This game has it all – colourful property cards, life-saving masks, fascinating action cards, set against an entertaining multiplayer gameplay – all while racing against the ticking timer!
How to Play? 
  • There are different types of Cards 
  • Collect Property cards in order to win 
  • Use action cards in order to target others and 
  • Collect mask cards to pay rent

  • There will be a 90 seconds timer for each turn. 
  • Players receive five cards in the beginning of the game.
  • Each player gets two cards at the beginning of each turn.
  • Players also get the option to make upto 3 moves in each turn.
  • Play a card by dragging it into your arena. This is one move and every player gets three moves per turn.
  • Flipping the wildcard does not count as a turn.

How To Win?

Traditional : Be the first person to collect 3 full property sets

How to Win ?

Taste the Rainbow : Collect one of each 10 property colours
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  1. I have a desktop/laptop/a device with laptop-sized screen and a stable internet connection to play Covidopoly.
  2. I agree to take part in the event as per the allotted fixture and time slots by the organizers (Slot A - 7.30 PM IST onwards, and Slot B - 8.30 PM IST onwards)
  3. I agree to keep my video on while playing Covidopoly to maintain the integrity of the event and avoid malpractice. 
  4. I agree to play as per the rules of Covidopoly.

  1. Each participant gets 90 seconds to complete their turn. If the player is found inactive for more than 3 turns, they shall be voted out of the game.
  2. Although we will try our level best to avoid this from happening, in case of unavoidable internet/technical issues on part of the organizers, the game will have to be restarted.

1)Who can participate?
  • Anyone who has a laptop/desktop/a device with desktop-sized screen and a stable internet connection
  • Anyone who has registered for the DonateOpoly 2021 and made the donation
2)How long will one game take?
Although this depends on a variety of factors, the ideal time taken for each game is 30-45 minutes.
3) How many players will be there in each game?
We shall strive to have only 3-5 players in each game.
4) How long does it take to learn this game?
Read the instructions we have put together, and watch this short video to understand the basics!
Instructions are also written on each card which can be accessed during the game.
Additionally, you can always reach out to us to understand the game better.