Seed-Ball Programme

The Problem

Living under the constant threat of natural disasters, it becomes vital for us to take protective measures. We need to focus our efforts on saving and conserving resources while giving back to the society through the restoration of the green cover.
Among our many initiatives to improve the green cover, making and dispersing seed balls is an efficient, cost-effective and fun way to restore mother Earth.
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The Programme

A seed ball is an assortment of marble-sized spheres that are made of clay, the Earth, and seeds. They are an easy and quick solution to reclaim the lost green cover of our environment.
Seed balls help in restoring the soil quality and enriching it. The clay present in these seed balls reduces water loss and helps in increasing water retention.
In a way, creating seed balls is an effective way to plant wildflowers in hard-to-reach places. It helps in the restoration of the environment and responding positively to climate change.

The Process

The programme is typically set up with the help of our volunteers. There is no restriction on where the event can happen and on the volunteers that can participate.
Bhumi provides the technical know-how on setting up a seed ball programme with all the required materials (what, how much and from where), the process and other instructions to volunteers.