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Eco - Fest

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 Come one, come all to Bhumi’s Eco-Fest Finale.

We welcome you to the grand finale of our month-long event, the ‘Eco-Fest’! 

Whether you’ve been with us since the beginning of the Fest, or joined us just now; whether you’re a student, teacher, corporate or parent, we have something engaging, exciting and memorable lined up for you!

From live performances by our top performers to insightful discussions on what you can do to make a difference as an educator, corporate funder or student – we guarantee that every person will walk away with a fresh perspective and fond memories.

How to navigate the portal below?

  1. There is no fee for registration or any materials to bring.
  2. Just click on the tabs below during the time slots given and join us for a grand evening this 26th June
  3. Feel free to jump into whichever session looks most interesting to you for we have a variety of appealing sessions prepared just for you.

Event Schedule

‘The Centre Stage’ is where the curtains are drawn open, where all the fun starts!. Gather around for a fun-tastic beginning and remember to touch back here for the results! 

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Nothing makes for a better start than a good old laugh. Come let your hair down with our top Stand Up-Comedy performers and catch a few tips on the art of stand up comedy as well!

Zoom Meeting link  | Meeting ID: 849 8803 7178 | Passcode: Ecochamps

Come see the promising superheroes of tomorrow in our fancy dress exhibition ‘A Fancy Environment’ and even vote for your favourite children and their ideas!

Zoom Meeting link  | Meeting ID: 820 8084 3648 | Passcode: Ecochamps

Want to see the superhero children of today? We bring to you our Impact Makers,10 jewel-like school students who address everything from plastic waste to global warming. At a global as well as local level.

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Huddle around for some exciting announcements and a final round of jubilant results before we launch into another Eco-excellent year! Believe us, last is the best!

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The much awaited results for all Contests & Events will go live on 26th June 4 PM onwards. Tap below for the announcements leading up to it.

Have questions? Find their answers in our FAQs by clicking here

Join our community to stay informed about all events by joining our Telegram group or Facebook group. Regular updates will also be shared via mails.

For any queries, please write to us at [email protected]

Eco-Fest is presented by Eco-Champs, a virtual and free of cost environment sensitisation program to empower students to become proactive practitioners of eco-friendly lifestyles through an immersive and hands-on experience. Click here to know more


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Recycle City Challenge (Classes 1-3)


Hide and Seek (Classes 1-3)


Go With The Flow (Classes 4-7)


Hangman (Classes 4-7)


Super Sorter Game (Classes 8-12)


Krill Smackdown (Classes 8-12)