The Problem

With forests equivalent to 48 football fields being cut down every minute across the world today and more plastic than fish expected in the oceans by 2050 because of human activities, we are already inhabiting a dying planet.
Our children aren’t equipped with the right knowledge or skill to fight this alarming present and future.

The Programme

Eco-Champs is an environment sensitisation program to empower students, and become proactive practitioners of eco-friendly lifestyle through an immersive and hands-on experience spanned across 5 months. 
The program also builds 21st-century life skills including compassion, teamwork, critical thinking and problem-solving abilities in the children to enable change in their communities.

The Process

  • Exclusively for Students of Classes 6-9
  • Smaller Batches of 10-15 Children per 2 Trained Facilitators for Focused Learning
  • 10 Sessions in 5 Months
  • Child-Friendly, Activity-Based Sessions
  • Progression through Levels – Beginner (3 sessions), Leader (6 sessions), Change-Maker (10 sessions)
  • Eco-Fest to Exhibit the Students Projects and Learnings

Project Outcomes

  • Increased awareness on the Importance of Segregation
  • Knowledge in Understanding Effectiveness of Composting¬†
  • Seed Ball Workshop to increase Green Cover
  • Reduction in the Amount of Plastics Reaching Landfill through Waste-Fest Project
  • Increased Awareness among the Students on the Ill-Effects of Plastic and Non-Biodegradable Items