The Chennai 600018 project

The Chennai 600018 project

will help every citizen in the locality volunteer for a better Alwarpet & Teynampet. The goal is to make the locality a great place to live, work and play for all citizens.

The project will enable hundreds of volunteer opportunities across the locality to volunteer for causes they care about. Citizens will have a platter of  over one lakh volunteer opportunities across causes, day, time, skills required in accessible locations. There will be opportunities for everyone from senior citizens, homemakers and working professionals to youth and children. 

We believe a good society is where citizens take ownership of their locality and the people around them.

Where are we now?

The project is now in a research phase where we are interacting with various people and institutions in the locality. 

We are also interacting with and partnering with hundreds of nonprofits, resident associations and other citizen groups to make this project happen.

The project is expected to publicly launch to the residents of Chennai 600018 around Jan 2023.


Write to us at [email protected]  

To sign up to volunteer register here and we will be in touch with you soon