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Take Action for Trash Free Seas with Bhumi - Volunteer for Beach Clean up Now!

Want to be a part of creating this change?
Bhumi brings you the opportunity to participate in Chennai’s Largest Beach Cleanup drive.
We understand cleaning isn’t easy work, but when we do it together we can surely make a difference. Become a cleanup warrior to make our beaches trash free. Volunteer with support from Bhumi, we will provide you with the necessary materials. and know-how.
We are also keen to engage groups of colleges and college students. If you are a college management or staff or club student lead, do fill in the form and our team will get back in touch with you.
Where:Thiruvanmiyur Stretch, Chennai
When: April 2022, Every Saturday, 6.30 AM -9.30 AM
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Feeling the Blue? - Volunteer for a Beach Clean up in Namma Chennai

Volunteer for Clean Trash Free Beaches

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