Bhumi Young Changemakers

Bhumi is currently operating in multiple cities across India, engaging more than 30,000 volunteers every year. We fuel change by identifying problems that are widespread globally and then scale solutions to a local level by tapping into the volunteer spirit of the youth.
As an extension of our vision, we invite schools to join hands with us in grooming changemakers out of their students. Bhumi Young Changemakers program aims to focus on schools and make children aware of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals  on environment, poverty & health. Children will accrue Personal Development, Leadership skills, Decision making and Problem solving skills from this program.  
We intend to join hands with visionary schools like you to groom leaders out of their students and sensitise them about various social causes which need their attention.
Let’s learn, grow and make change TOGETHER.

How we do it?

  • 3 month focussed & small group mentoring 
  • Exposure to various social causes such as environment, health education, gender, poverty & hunger, etc
  • Customised as per school’s needs
  • Students are guided through ideation, research, planning and implementation processes to create quality impact

Help children care about a better tomorrow.

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