Media4Change is a volunteer based initiative by Bhumi to support and aid NGOs meet Creatives and communication oriented requirements NGOs through offering design & content creation services.
With a community of like minded & enthusiastic volunteers interested in creative designing, video editing and content writing, we provide a great deal of opportunities for interested volunteers to create change using digital media while also providing a challenging platform to further improve their skills.
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Diksha Chandel
Diksha ChandelVolunteer of the Quarter, Jan-Mar 2022
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"It's really great to collaborate with you regarding character illustrations. The illustrations you've created are very helpful for us in our content creation. Also, I liked the continuous follow-up and quick responses from your team. We would definitely be engaged further with your team regarding such requests."
Anjali Pathak
Anjali PathakUrja
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“I would like to thank the team of Media4Change for coming up with creative and informative posters for our Campaign on Domestic violence. Much appreciated”

About Us

Media4change was started with a dream of “Making the world a better place, one artwork at a time”. It was born out of the thought to bridge the gap between 2 groups, NGOs who were not able to make a smooth transition to digital mode during COVID-19 because of lack of access to digital creative resources and a lot of creators with skills like designing and video editing who were also looking for volunteering opportunities. The team has grown over the years, now comprising of a core team of 10 members and 40 active volunteers.

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