Oormila – born and raised in
Dandekar, Tamilnadu. She did her
Hotel Management course in
Madurai and Bachelors in Social
work in correspondence. She is
the third child born after 10 years
from her brother and hence was
loved the most. At the age of 11,
she realized there was a girl
inside who liked everything about
a girl. Being in boys school she
was bullied by others saying “hey
look at him behaving like a girl”
which made her more scared,
however, managed to complete
her schooling without anyone
knowing it.


To escape from the situation and from their parents, at the age of 15, she joined a Hotel management course in Madurai and had to live in a hostel where she was the only younger one in the group. On knowing her situation, she witnessed
and was the victim of sexual harassment. Being away from home with no knowledge, making it more difficult for her to handle any situation, disheartened many times.

With the fear of their parents getting her married and the consequences ,after completing Hotel management ,she moved to Bangalore along with other transgender friends. .She got a job in a hotel ,unfortunately, could work there not more than 3 months as she experienced many difficult situations
and torture in the room she was living in along with her hotel colleagues. She has accepted the condition that God has given, however wished it to be a fruitful one before few years.She got her surgery done a post which she started to beg for aliving, would hear a lot of words being called at her and was disheartened but had no choice.

6 years back, on one day she visited a temple back in her hometown where her brother in laws potted Oormila and took her along to their house. Fortunately, she was been accepted by the family and society. As she returned homeafter 10 years in Bangalore, shewas unfairly treated by her brotherwho was living separately with hisfamily. She wasn’t given part ofthe property which she wasentitled to. She filed a complaintagainst her brother, but it went invein as the police officials were notin favor of her.Later, with the help of an NGOrun by the transgender, Oormilaw as able to get hold of her pieceof land in which she startedcultivation and agriculture. Shealso has a few cattle and sheepwhich are taken care of by her.She is been respected by herfamily and village as well thoughshe had faced initial trouble insettling in. She feels happy andsafe at home with her Mother.

“Be the youyou’ve alwaysbeen, proudly.”

– Written By SAP Volunteers for SAP stories