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This is a story of a beautiful creation of God, who was born as a boy, into a family desperate to have a baby boy. Well, after all, it’s still a belief that boys/men are the torchbearer of the family Isn’t it?

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Deepak, born in Worli, Mumbai, 15th Nov 1995 was a beautiful baby, just like all creations of God. He brought a lot of happiness, and much relief to the family – as having a baby boy post 2 girls in this family was a big deal, and a blessing. His parents were overjoyed and pinned hopes for future.

Little did the family or Deepak know that this little soul is going to break the shackles of the society and be a non-conformist in life. Deepak from very early age in life started feeling that he was a girl trapped in a boy’s body. Was it his choice – NO, as a child he did not even know – why he liked to be with girls more, why he preferred wearing bangles or why he clapped in a certain way?


His parents sent him to a school in colaba where he studied till 5th standard and post that went to Worli to purse studies till 12th standard. He was never into studies, and his mind always took him to different places – he was a traveler.

He always felt different and an outcast. As a kid he did not understand his own feelings and behavior – why did he sound the way he did ? Why was he not like other boys ? Why did he feel like a girl more ? From the age of 9-10 yrs, he started observing the trans group of people, seeing their behavior made him realize that perhaps there are more like him. Why was he born the way he was? for a 10-year-old, it was too much to absorb and understand and with no one to support, only made it worse. Not only was he depressed and alone, but also an unfortunate child to have undergone sexual abuse at the hand of his neighbors. This is when Deepak lost all hope in his childhood and tried to commit suicide. 

Thankfully life had different plans for him – and he did not succumb to death. As he grew, he became more aware of himself. When he was outcasted in college both by girls and boys, he decided not to pursue college anymore. There were more episodes of suicidal thoughts. His own family had also outcasted him and he had to leave his own house. 

This is the time he met his guardian angel – whom he calls “Didi”. Didi changed Deepak’s life and told him to accept who he was. Told him there was a world of grey between white and black – where everyone was equal, and different life choices were acceptable. She introduced Deepak to Guruji – under whose teachings – our wonderful Deepa was born. 

Life changed for Deepa after meeting Guruji. She found herself – a beautiful confident women, not ashamed or shy of her feelings. She is now a liberated soul. Deepa today has learnt oil painting and works for the Arwale art project, wherein she paints walls and gets some salary. She absolutely believes in the tradition and loves to sing and dance at weddings, childbirth etc and makes money from there. No, she does not beg. She has tried to give herself a life of respect. 

Inspite of all odds that ensued – our Deepa is a warrior. Every morning, she wakes up with new hope. Makes herself a cup of tea, gets ready, does her pooja, puts the traditional tilak on her Dholki to start yet another day with another hope. 

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She loves to travel, to cook and yes to eat. She loves to write and one day hopes to get a Job. She is ready for every opportunity she says

– Written By SAP Volunteers for SAP stories