A Girl Reborn


-A Girl Reborn 


                      a normal boy who was born to a conservative family along with 2 elder sisters in a town called Melur in Madurai district. A boy close to his mother loved to spend time with her. Things were fine until when Prabhu’s father died when he was studying just 05th grade and unfortunately when he was in 09th grade lost his mother also.

As other transgenders, Prabhu also had to face lot of badgering in his school and college days. For instance, once one of his classmates had wrote number nine on his uniform shirt which Prabhu was unaware and had to ignore it when it was brought to his notice. Later Prabhu completed B.Sc. (Statistics) at Loyola College, and MBA-Finance (through correspondence) at Anna University, Chennai. 

After completing graduation Prabhu was successful in securing a job all by himself at NatWest Group (formerly RBS) India Services. Initially, it all seemed fine until when Prabhu decided to let his manager and colleagues know about his wish to transform into a girl. He did not rush things and took them to step by step. At first, he started wearing a rainbow tag to the office instead of the regular one, also placed the same on the table at his workstation leaving his colleagues a clue of what he was up to.

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One fine day he went and had a talk with his manager and took all his teammates to a meeting room and confessed that he wanted to transform himself into a girl and he will be going through surgery for the same, shortly. 

Surprisingly all their reaction was in favor of Prabhu which left him overwhelmed. One fine day in 2019 he finally got surgery. from then, he was no more the same Prabhu . It was PRAHASINI who came out as a new person and stepped into the life of her dreams, just like a caterpillar out of the cocoon to a beautiful butterfly.

It was the life she dreamt of, for many years and finally, she could live the life she desired. Many of
her relatives didn’t accept her as she was, but yet, she raises above all the hurdles and lifts her head
up with pride and joy. 

Just like other girls Prahasini also fell in love in her college days. He was a Hockey player. But luck was not in favour of her. He did not accept Prahasini fearing his family and society.

Today Prahasini works as a Product and Scheme Analyst and has completed 13 successful years in the same organisation and is also helping her 2 sisters and many of her friends at times when they are in need of financial support or in any other terms. “She” is loved by all the people surrounded by her and the most joyous moment for her was when her nephew and niece called her “aunt” instead of uncle immediately after her surgery.

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“She” Loves dancing and listening to Tamil music, “She” has also performed many dance shows and also played a mime, on floor at her office. “She” shares her interest in acting and wants to establish her career in entertainment media. “She” says, it is our duty to create an easy and a happy life for the upcoming trans-generation as her previous generation had times which was even more difficult than her’s. “She” also wishes to find a life partner and have a family of her own.


  • Got more visibility about the LGBT+ community and Trans related information from Ramki L Ramakrishnan from Orinam and Dr Sameera. I’m thankful to them for all their continued support.

  • A special thanks to Dr Saravanakumar who is my surgeon and gave me a new life/beginning. Additionally, thanks to Kaya skin clinic and Endocrinologist. They were all reasons behind brought up Prahasini as a person. 

  • Indeed, can’t express my gratitude to a few because they are my close friends in all my happy and tough times (Yazhini, Jessie, Deepana, Anand, Alwin, Siva) and others too. 

  • Thanks to my Workplace, relatives, friends, & social media for accepting me as who I’m today. 

  • Last but not the least, sincere gratitude to my 2 elder sisters Shanthi and Rani, their family members, my cousin Logeswaran and my nephew Arjun for rendering fantastic support, especially during and post-Surgery period. 

  • Thanks to my company’s Rainbow Network Team, who were the reason behind my stay back & motivated me when I expressed myself and decided to quit.

– Written By SAP Volunteers for SAP stories

Don’t forget how Pride started.

Continue to create safe spaces for the LGBT+ community