Dream – Every college student volunteering 
Welcome to Bhumi’s Campus Catalyst program, you are now on a path to transforming yourself while contributing meaningfully to the Sustainable Development Goals. 
Bhumi Clubs are set up in colleges with an objective to empower student leaders to promote volunteering among their peers while also transforming themselves into entrepreneurial leaders. Four students from a college are selected as Campus Catalysts to lead and manage the Bhumi Club. Campus Catalysts will set up consistent volunteering events across causes to mobilise their peers.
Officially setting up Bhumi Club
Once the management permission and sought and the four-membered  Campus Catalyst team is  formed,  you can officially launch the Bhumi Club by doing one or more of the below:
  • As a part of launching Bhumi Club, setup an inaugural function or the first volunteering event and mobilise volunteers
  • Conduct a volunteer orientation to explain about Bhumi Club and future events to interested college students
  • Setup official College Bhumi Club instagram page and promote among college students- Guidelines found in the detailed document 
ngo in education sector
Setting up consistent volunteering events
Consistent Volunteering Activities to be set up after the launch of Bhumi Club – Causes & Event List  along with event cycle can be found in the detailed document 
Effective promotion
The success of a volunteering event depends on how effective the promotion content is for the event. Bhumi Clubs can leverage a volunteer from their own college or take the support of Bhumi’s creative volunteers team in designing posters. – Read more about the promotions & social media guidelines on the detailed document.
Initiating fundraising campaign
Campus Catalysts, wherever needed, can initiate a fundraising campaign as part of Bhumi. They can use the funds raised for promotional material creation and any logistics & material cost involved in setting up the event- Read More 
Impact sharing and reporting 
As Campus Catalysts keep setting up events, it is important to document all the events and details promptly. This ensures the details of contributions by volunteers and Campus Catalysts are recorded for recognition & certification. – Learn More 
The care committee at Bhumi addresses ethical or harassment issues. Know more about and how to reach out to the committee here. The Bhumi Campus Support team can be reached at [email protected] or at 87544 13255.