Start a city chapter - Champion Bhumi in your city

City Champions play a pivotal role in setting up Bhumi’s programs/projects across causes in the city. In cities where some or all of Bhumi’s programs/projects are already active, the city champion will work with and support the existing Chapter Support Team (CST) members of the respective programs/projects. In cities where there are no Bhumi programs/projects yet, the City Champion will lead setting up programs/projects including but not limited to Ignite, Catalyse and/or Bhumi Clubs. 

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Be the face of Bhumi in your city/state and plan outreach strategies to identify volunteers to initiative new programs/projects or strengthen existing ones. 
  • Engage the new volunteers to drive the vision by setting up volunteering events across causes.
  • Lead the setting up of any new program/project in the city in aspects including but not limited to logistics, operations, PR, partnerships and fundraising.
  • Identify, manage, mentor and train the volunteers in aspects they need support in.
  • Identify and engage with external partners including college clubs, government officials and other NGOs to help us accelerate the reach and impact.