Nakshatra provides a platform for children to ‘Dream’, exhibit their talents, ‘Discover’ their potential and ‘Dazzle’ in an atmosphere of healthy competition.

This way we contribute to their holistic development through extra-curricular activities.

volunteer work

Process : 

Nakshatra has activities for children of all age groups to take part. It ensures that they learn from competing against their peers.

The talent fest consists of 50 different competitions in arts and sports. Each event facilitates maximum talent discovery. Children keep busy with games, workshops, and science exhibitions, while they aren’t competing.

Through Nakshatra Reach Out, we conduct competitions at children’s homes and schools, as a prelude to Nakshatra. Children are also given talent development workshops and structured sessions throughout the year.

The unprecedented situation of COVID19 pushed us to innovate and along with our volunteer team we successfully conducted Nakshatra Online