Nakshatra Online

The COVID 19 lockdown created serious challenges in our lives, especially for children in shelter homes.  Never before were so many children out of school at the same time, disrupting learning, especially for the most vulnerable and marginalised. 

With schools being closed children lost that sense of routine and stimulation in their lives. Their social interactions with friends came to a near halt. This being essential to their mental well-being led to anxiety and fear in young minds.

Amidst the chaos of COVID19 we initiated Nakshatra Online, the digital version of our talent fest for children from shelter homes. This helped our children interact with their peers across the country in a friendly environment. It helped them feel joyful and provided a sense of relief to their anxious minds.

The first edition of this event had 2,052 Children from 714 Shelter Homes participating  in the virtual event across each and every state across India supported by 600 Volunteers.



Children from various shelter homes across the country participate online in events like singing, dance, quiz, debate etc. The homes are also given short term training to use the online platform effectively. Volunteers conduct various engaging games and icebreakers to keep the children entertained. 

We leveraged technology effectively to reach children living in orphanages in the far corners of India, even those without an active Bhumi Chapter. We were also able to bring in  celebrities and famous personalities to encourage the children.