Monthly Volunteering Events

Celebrate the Spirit of Volunteering

Want to make your city greener, cleaner, and safer?
Bhumi brings you a series of offline and online events every month. Participate in various activities like tree plantation, city clean up drives, kindness campaigns with many exciting DIY activities & more for you to explore as self or as a team of volunteers.

Clean Up Drives

Pick a spot near you - a road, park, river, lake or a school - and become a cleanup warrior to make your city trash free. You can volunteer or even lead the setting up of a drive with support from Bhumi including reimbursement of any material cost incurred in setting it up.

#MyCityMyResponsibility #LeadersForCleanerIndia

Kindness Campaign

The pandemic showed and made us realize the importance of being kind towards each other. Although the situation is recuperating, still there are many who are less fortunate to access basic resources. Show your act of kindness towards people, community and animals in your city by supporting them with basic resources like grocery items, food distribution, sending letters to oldage homes and feeding, caring for stray dogs in your locality. Join kindness campaigns for people, community and animal welfare.

#MyCityMylove #Care_Share_SpreadKindness

Tree Plantation

Join the green movement to make your city and neighbourhood green by being part of a tree plantation event near you. You can choose to participate in an existing tree plantation event or lead and set one up near you. Be part and lead our collective fight against Climate Change

#GreenerCities #LeadersForGreenerIndia

Waste Management

Did you know composting and recycling organic waste can reduce individual's carbon footprints. Want to know how? Register for waste management event now, find interesting DIY activities, learn to build your own composting waste management system and support India by combating climate change. Your contribution matters a lot. Remember, it's now or never!

#MyCityMylove #Care_Share_SpreadKindness


Bhumi Catalyse offers a series of monthly online and offline events across states and cities to promote spirit of volunteerism in each individual.

The campaign is designed for both offline and online events. Mostly the campaign is directed and run by yourself or a group of volunteers. All the activities before implementation goes through learning and self-assessment phases which helps you to get connected with the current social challenges and issues. 

How Bhumi will support you

  • provide you with relevant material guidance toolkit , 
  • update latest infographics, other relevant informations  
  • provide many exciting DIY activities


Your Role

  • you are requested to first read and refer to all the documents that is applicable to your registered events 
  • The campaign is designed in three phases for you to experience and explore LEARNING (by doing) + SELF ASSESS (your understanding) + VOLUNTEERING (social cause)


Submission of volunteering work

  • Once you have completed the volunteering activities you are expected to submit us the impact created in your city by taking before-after/selfies images and we will acknowledge your work, then provide you with certificates

This is a recurring monthly campaign. The current campaign runs from Feb 2022 – March 2022

You can choose your event and participate flexibly.

Please feel free to reach out for any assistance via Whatsapp group. We will respond to all your queries.