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Welcome to Eco-Champs LMS, the virtual awareness program that empowers students to become champions of sustainability and environmental protection. We invite children from classes 6-9 to join us on a transformative journey that will shape the future of our planet.

By joining Eco-Champs LMS, you are becoming part of a global movement supported by CGI

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Engaging and Interactive Content

Prepare yourself for an immersive learning experience. Our program is designed to captivate and engage you through interactive and dynamic content.

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Knowledge and Awareness

It's Free for All

Individual and Community Impact

Embrace an Environmentally Friendly Lifestyle

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We Are Here To Help You!

Who is eligible to take this course?

Students from class 3rd to 9th & age between 9 years to 16 years old can access the program.

Duration of the course / Time taken to complete the program?

Do we get a certificate on completion of the course?

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Is the certificate paid?

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