What is NACH?

National Automated Clearing House is a mode of electronic fund transfer from one bank account to another using the services of NPCI.

What is the minimum contribution? How long can I donate? 

Any amount of money can be contributed over any period of time of your choice subject to a minimum amount of Rs. 300 and minimum period of one year.

What are the advantages for you? 

  • It is a five minute process which only requires single authorization.
  • You can make a small but sustained contribution for a period of your choice.
  • Tax exemption under Section 80G for the cumulative amount can be availed.

What are the advantages for Bhumi?

  • Bhumi saves on administrative machinery for collecting the cash / cheques
  • Better financial management & future planning

Can the mandate given once be withdrawn or stopped?

Yes, for any reason if you want to discontinue your contribution, contact us via [email protected] before the 1st of the month you want the ACH Debit to be stopped from.

*Contact Info to send the ACH mandate* Click here

ACH/ECS Mandate design. Please note that it is sufficient to fill in the blanks marked in GREEN and BLUE before it is couriered to us.