Bhumi Young Changemakers

Children are our greatest treasure. They are our future.

Nelson Mandela

Bhumi Young Changemakers (BYC), a new project of Catalyse is a volunteering and leadership program for high school students to develop social responsibility skills. 

We realise this with the children in the program by taking them through a 3-phased approach:

1. Exposure to change-making and cause sensitisation 

2. Deepening cause understanding and volunteering with an NGO working in the cause 

3. Ideating and leading a project in the cause end-to-end with the mentoring from approximately 30 Bhumi volunteers

With the aim of inculcating the spirit of volunteerism, advocacy for various social causes, and change-making from a young age, BYC has extended the opportunity to 5 schools in its pilot year. Approx 100 selected students from classes 8-12  will undergo a 5-month focussed mentorship based on a Cause they’re most connected with – environment, education, gender equity, or health.

BYC has partnered with cause expert NGOs to offer an experiential volunteering journey towards impacting the beneficiaries of the NGOs such as tribals, victims of domestic abuse, differently-abled, children from shelter homes, stray animals, etc. Students also learn to design, implement & sustain need-based civic initiatives. The program will culminate with a Change-Fest wherein all participating schools will come together to exhibit their work and celebrate the progress.

BYC is aligned with Catalyse’s vision of every Indian volunteering and change-making through active citizens. The program has kickstarted in 5 schools and with 12 NGOs such as Sadhana Forest, Daily Dump, All Creatures Great and Small, India Vision Foundation, Finish Society, CRY India, International Foundation for Crime Prevention, and Victim Care, etc. We look to expand to 20 schools next year as we strengthen the program and have a goal of transforming 2000 students into changemakers in 100 schools by 2024. 

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