Beyond classrooms

“The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence” – Rabindranath Tagore

To create schools that children experience as nurturing, creative, fearless and safe learning spaces is what our Whole School Transformation programme envisions.

In a step towards this, we created a platform for the school leaders (Headmistresses (HMs), Assistant HMs) and Bhumi’s in-school facilitators to explore their journeys deeper, and align towards transformation.  


As our in-school facilitators are the key change-drivers, breaking the ice with the school leaders was an essential start to the day. Diving deep into one’s journey, appreciating his/her strengths, and understanding how significant their contribution has been to the institution’s growth were the key focus areas; at the end of which, both the school leaders and the facilitators felt emotionally connected, breaking some boundaries and stereotypes.

Now putting the school under the lens, the school leaders and facilitators identified the school’s Strengths & Opportunities. This gave them a lot of confidence, and reassurance that they were treading the right path.

The highlight of the day was the school leaders analyzing their school through different lenses, such as students’ behavior and attendance, teaching-learning practices, data driven decision making, widening the leadership team, teacher morale, community participation, and resources at the school. They also marked where they would like to see the school a year from now, and what kind of support they require from the in-school facilitators. The takeaway from this exercise was immense and has left us charged up for an action-packed year ahead.


The workshop closed with the day’s reflection to share thoughts about the workshop – for some it was a day of new ideas, an opportunity for envisioning a dream school, and support available from platforms like Bhumi.

Overall, it was enthralling to see great coordination and participation from the school leaders and facilitators. They were being very open to sharing experiences with one another and learning new ideas to enhance the behavioral and functioning abilities of their respective schools.

Thank you, leaders! We are certain 2018 and the years ahead will see transformation in and beyond the classroom.

We also thank Qualcomm India Pvt. Ltd., Chennai for supporting the Whole School Transformation Programme.

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