Experiences and sentiments shaped with words from hearts

Mr. Tanvir, a Wipro volunteer for our Joy To The World programme, shares his heart through a gripping poem. Travel through his innermost sentiments … 

Ye mere dil ke Ehsaash hai, bas ek Zubani mat samjhna…

ye un baccho ki haqeeqat hai, ise koi kahani mat samjhna..

dekh un bachho ko aksar rota h ye dil..

qki subah avi andhere mei hai, ise koi noorani mat samjhna

aur ye sham v dard liye baithe h dil mei janaab

ise koi suhani mat samjhna


“These are the feelings from my heart, not just the words from my mouth

These are the reality of those kids’ lives, not just another story

Seeing their fate, my heart aches/cries often

Because the dawn is still dark, its not yet bright with light.

And this dusk is also full of pain, its not beautiful …”


Aur Aazaad apne lafzo mei, in baccho k liye kya bayan krta h Zara gaur se pdhna

“Aazaad is sharing his feelings for these children, pay attention”


Jab muskurate hue main pahuncha Samrakshan*

to laga bahut pyara hoga unka bachpan…

lekin unko dekh rooh meri kaanp uthi,

tab samajh mei aaya bahut pichhe h mera watan

aur dekha unko to ashk mere zameen mei baras pade

aur hum unhe, gale lagane ko taras pade


“I reached Samrakshan* smiling,

thinking about their lovely childhood.

But seeing them shook me up

I realized how backward is our country.

Looking at them my tears poured to the ground

And I wished to  hugged them in a moment filled with empathy”


ye dard-e-ashk hi tha mere dosto

ye dard-e-ashk hi tha mere dosto

*ise koi pani mat samjhna…*


“These were the tears of pain my friends…

These were the tears of pain my friends

Don’t think it was just water!”


Aur jab pahuncha Aakanksha*

to labo se nikal pade ‘he bhagvān’,

Aur  ek bacche ko dekh kr khaamosh hogaya main

hosh kho kr bilkul madhosh hogya main,

qki chhota sa baccha tha wo

mann ka bilkul saccha tha wo.

wo baar baar kursiyo ko jakad leta tha,

aur jeet ne k liye dusro ko pakad leta tha…

sab ne use badmash samjha aur use khel se bahar kr diya …

aur uske dost ,use baemaan keh kr uska  anadar kr diya..


“And when I reached Aakansha*,

I just screamed ‘Oh my god’!

And seeing a child there calmed my mind

I got intoxicated seeing his innocence,

Because he was a little child

Heart filled with truth and purity.

He kept holding chairs

He kept holding others, in order to win,

People called him cheat and disqualified him

His friends humiliated him calling him cheater”


wo  to bas bindas khel rha tha dosto …

wo  to bas bindas khel rha tha dosto ..

*ise koi uski shaitani mat samjhna..*


“But he was just playing my friends,

He was just playing my friends

Don’t consider him as naughty or cheat!” 

(the poet wants to imply here that though the child behaved in a way that is generally considered as bad, but his intentions were pure. He didn’t have any malice and just innocence. So, he should be seen in that light)


Aur akhir jab main pahuncha Vindhya*

to dekh unke halaat ud gyi raat bhar nindya.

qki wo anjaane the Jeevan k shringar se

na kajal thi, na jhumka tha,na thi maathe pe bindiya..

wo betiya Bharat maa ki shaan thi..

wo betiya Bharat maa ki jaan thi..

bas wo khel rhe the fasano mei…

maidan-e-haqeeqat se to

wo avi  anjaan thi…

un baccho ko khelta dekh hum v  sang khelne lage,

unke sang Dibbe bankar gol gol ghumne lage…

Tab lga ….


“And finally, when I reached Vindhya*,

Seeing their conditions, I lost many night’s sleep.

Because they were unaware of the beauty of this world

Their eyes didn’t have kajal, ears were barren without earrings and foreheads without bindis.

Those girls are the pride of mother India

Those girls are the soul of mother India

They were just playing as if in dream

Completely unaware of the realities of life

Seeing them play, we also joined them

We became coaches in their trains and started running around in circles

Then I felt…”

(Here the poet emphasizes that even without the things that most children would take for granted, these kids are full of life, they are full of happiness. They don’t get to wear makeup, they might not have dolls to play with, but that doesn’t affect them. They don’t really need those things. All they need is love, care and affection. And that’s enough to make them happy!)


ye sach mei mera bachpan hi tha

ye sach mei mera bachpan hi tha

*ise koi meri jawani mat samjhna….*


“This is really my own childhood,

This is really my own childhood

Don’t consider me as adult!”


Aur kehna chahta hu aap sab se …

khash kar, Kuldeep Afshan Sonal Vyabhav se

ki ise farz samjhkar nibhate rhna hamesha

aur ise karz samjhkar chukate rhna hamesha

aur Jo kvi  aaye mushkilaat farz nibhate waqt


“And I would like to say something to you all (volunteers)

Especially to Kuldeep, Afshan, Sonal and Vybhav

That keep doing this as if it’s your responsibility

Keep doing this as if you’re paying your debt to the society

And if you face any difficulty in performing your duties..”


to khud ko khush kismat maan kr,

to khud ko khush kismat maan kr,

ise koi kabhi preshani mat samjhna

kabhi preshani mat samjhna …

kabhi preshani mat samjhna


“Then consider yourself lucky

Then consider yourself lucky

And don’t think that it’s causing trouble to you

Never think that it’s troublesome

Never think that it’s troublesome!”

(Here the poet is trying to imply that even if you face hardships in volunteering for this cause, you should not lose your faith. You should not think that you have to suffer even though you wanted to do good to the society. Instead, consider yourself lucky that you have been given this opportunity to make a meaningful change to people’s lives. Never allow any kind of trouble to become a roadblock in your endeavour to make the world a better place!)

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