When teachers became students for a day!

In the immortal words of Henry Brooks Adams, ‘Teachers affect eternity; no one can tell where their influence stops.’ – it is indeed true that a teacher sows the seeds of knowledge, sprinkles them with love, and patiently nurtures their growth to produce tomorrow’s dreams. 

Teaching is not just a noble profession, but also an artform assisting discovery – of lessons, ideas, values, experiences and everything else that goes into the making of a bright mind; the quintessential student! 

Besides, what goes into the making of a good teacher? We, at Bhumi, aimed at finding an answer to this question with our Teacher Development Workshop organised for a group of about 23 teachers across schools in the city, on the 19th of October, 2019.

We collaborated with Mary Club Wala Jadhav Government Higher Secondary School, Dhanalakshmi Primary School, and Sri RKM Sarada Model School for this initiative of ours which turned out to be a huge success. Candid conversations with teachers, question and answer sessions, expert addresses, and task-based sessions – the workshop was a culmination of everything interesting and innovative, devised to keep the teachers gripped in rapt attention. Every participant heartily welcomed the idea of swapping roles for a day, from that of a teacher to a student, going back to their school days, tickling their grey cells to complete tasks, innovate and enjoy! It was a joyful ride down the memory lane, brimming with nostalgia. 

As the workshop came to a closure, the teachers were all smiles – there was nothing but positivity and happiness to share! Here are some excerpts from what some of them had to say about the workshop. 

J. Nagasornamugi, Mary Club Wala Jadhav Government Higher Secondary School: “The sessions were highly interactive and useful; it was a refreshing day off from our normal routine as this served as a golden opportunity to learn a lot and realise our potential. I learnt about the importance of mindful listening which made me think about how challenging it is to hold the attention of a student for an entire day, without any setbacks. I’m sure we will all implement the learning garnered here today in our classrooms every day. Good work, Bhumi!”

V. Sunita, Mary Club Wala Jadhav Government Higher Secondary School: “The techniques used to explain the nuances of teaching were excellent and innovative; I learnt the ideal way to approach students in a classroom, why we must encourage students to strike a good balance between academics and extracurricular activities, the difference between criticism and feedback, problems faced by students, and many more. I really enjoyed being a part of this workshop; a memorable day indeed.”

T. Sripadmajeyatt, Sri RKM Sharada Model School: “We are extremely happy to have taken part in this workshop; it gave us several useful insights and information on how to ably guide students, address and rectify their problems, and encourage them to work towards their dreams and aspirations. We’re immensely thankful to Bhumi for having given us an opportunity to learn and collaborate with them for such a wonderful initiative.”

D. Prema, Dhanalakshmi Primary School: “I understood the fact that every student in the classroom comes from a different background; their emotions and feelings are unique; hence we can approach them based on their background in a positive way, be more empathetic, and support them to tackle their difficult situations. This workshop has made me envision such an approach towards handling students in my class henceforth, to achieve satisfactory outcomes and results from my work.”

Wordsmith: Devi (Changedriver)

Bhumi’s School Transformation Programme supports low-income schools on their journey to becoming exemplary schools in their communities. Currently ongoing in 15 schools across Chennai, and supported by corporates like Qualcomm, FLEX, Greenergy, SEW Eurodrive, the programme also focuses on building the capacities of the teachers for improved content delivery.

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