Vote for our Volunteer Heroes at the iVolunteer Awards 2014

19 Bhumi Volunteers have been shortlisted for the ‘Volunteer Hero’ Award at the iVolunteer Awards 2014. Please vote for all of them 🙂

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  1. Aarthi Gandhimathy, City HR Coordinator, Trichy
  2. Arvind Lakshmanan, Little Einsteins Science, National HR Coordinator, Chennai
  3. Ashir Aseesh Borah, City Coordinator, Delhi
  4. Chanesh Babu, Coordinator, Hi5 Club & Nakshatra, Chennai
  5. Deeksha Agarwal, Little Einsteins Mathematics, Jaipur
  6. Ganesh Kumar, National HR Coordinator, Little Einsteins Maths, Chennai
  7. Gaurav Wadhwa, Kanini, Project Coordinator, Delhi
  8. Hanika Arora, Kanini, Project Coordinator, Bengaluru
  9. Harish Mari, Lakshya, HR Coordinator, Trichy
  10. Kanupriya Sethi, City Coordinator, Mumbai
  11. Mohammed Arshath Parvez, Nakshatra, National Coordinator, Trichy
  12. Raghunathan, Nakshatra Reach Out, Project Coordinator, Chennai
  13. Rakesh Kumar, City Coordinator, Hyderabad
  14. Roshini Krishnamoorthy, Kanini, Project Coordinator, Chennai
  15. Sai Krishna, Kanini, HR Coordinator, Pune
  16. Shweta Tripathy, Lakshya, Project Coordinator, Bengaluru
  17. Subhash Arora, Little Einsteins Maths, Project Coordinator, Delhi
  18. Swathi Sukumar, Nakshatra Reach Out, HR Coordinator, Chennai
  19. Yuvaneshwari K., Little Einsteins Science, National Facilitator, Chennai

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