Volunteering with Lakshya

People volunteer for various reasons. Some to gain experience, some for personal satisfaction and others to make society a better place to live in. Whatever reason be, it is this volunteering work that drives organisations like us to make a difference every day. 

Here is a story about one such volunteer. Shwetaa from Lakshya, Bhumi’s life skills programme summarises her experience.

“Currently pursuing MBA from Madras University, it was during my graduation years that I started my volunteering journey. Before joining Bhumi I was also involved with a Mental Rehabilitation school, and I also volunteered with the Art of Living. All these experiences made me realise that my real source of happiness lies in a smiling child. 

I want to narrate one particular incident that took place while I was volunteering with Bhumi. 

This was a difficult day, I was going to shift my home to a place quite far from my centre and I had just announced to the children about it being my last day here. We decided to play Mafia, and although the children knew I was the Mafia all through the game, they did not kill me! It was their innocent way of expressing their love towards me. Children embody purity, love, and generosity,  and at that moment I could experience it all!

Children remind us that play is not something we do. Rather, it is something we are!

I was so enamored by the love and joy around me, that moment froze in my memory as one of the happiest moments of my life. The boys from both the teams that we made for the game, gifted me with pocket diaries with their photos. They wanted me to remember them, and this sense of belonging made me vow to come back to them whenever I can, without thinking of the distance. 

Now I visit them whenever I can, and I strongly believe that these children deserve all our care and attention to help them become responsible future citizens.  Volunteering with Bhumi has added this new perspective to my life and I would like more young individuals to experience this. Happy Volunteering!”

Bhumi’s Ignite Programme at shelter homes, supported by corporates like Oracle, BNP Paribas, Flex, and IM Gears Pvt. Ltd., provides supplementary education through weekend volunteering.

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