Volunteering for Right to Education: Vimal

I am Vimal from Trichy, volunteered to spread the Right To Education awareness with Bhumi in my native place Trichy and my office location near Chengalpet in 2019.

Team Bhumi trained me well, about the RTE content and supported throughout the process to create awareness, to get the data from parents and to file the RTE application for more than 50 children through the government’s website.

We all understand that  Education is the only powerful tool to change the world. But, the poor and unprivileged people of the nation are not getting this opportunity, due to a lack of awareness about RTE and its benefits.

 I was enthralled by the surprising impacts of how just with some awareness we could help in more admissions of children in schools, so I decided to help and spread this awareness when I travel to my native place. I started distributing flyers about RTE printed in the local language on the railway platforms and during my train journey on Fridays from Chenglapet to Trichy and also on my return journey. I also volunteered for RTE helpline on weekdays and on-field volunteering in Trichy. All this opened my eyes to the state of education amongst the poor and how with RTE awareness we could help them multi-folds.

I initially volunteered for Bhumi’s education program in shelter homes that brought me closer to this cause of education, but when I got to know about the RTE program and how my volunteering could impact actual admission of children in school, I decided to give my efforts towards this.

I am happy I could support some children in getting admissions in schools and becoming first generation learners in their families. This has instilled a lot of positive energy in my life, I am going to continue my efforts and inspire more people to join us in our endeavors. I am incredibly grateful to Bhumi for providing me with this opportunity.

Bhumi, one of India’s largest independent youth volunteer non-profit organisation enables over 30,000 volunteers across 12 cities in India for causes like education, environment, animals and community welfare. To volunteer with us to spread awareness about the Right to Education act, sign up on bhumi.ngo

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  • Deepak Raaj S
    April 16, 2020 at 6:14 pm

    Very good na keep on inspiring us.

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