Volunteering for Right to Education: Veda

Being a volunteer has always been an exciting role. We come across challenges, gain different experiences and not miss, meeting and getting to know more like-minded people is the most amazing aspect of volunteering.

I would call it a lucky coincidence that I read about the RTE orientation and call for volunteers on Facebook and reached out to Bhumi for it. I am working as a calling volunteer (handling calls received through the RTE helpline) since then. From my first day of orientation till today, discussions with the team has always been organic and non-judgmental which I believe is the key to function as ONE TEAM.

I myself was not aware of what RTE is apart from its abbreviation. Hence, the orientation truly gave me a new perspective towards education and how RTE can actually make a difference of ensuring equal access to quality education. I believe ‘Awareness building’ is the sole purpose of volunteering for RTE. So, the role of a calling volunteer made me feel proud and responsible in carrying out this process over calls.

Among these in numerous conversations, one parent’s call who would be all ears to know every little detail of schooling which can be availed through RTE for his or her kid has always lightened up my day. Many a times, people who may not directly benefit from RTE, would call up to enquire about the details in order to pass it on to their knowns and unknowns. They are indeed inspirational!

The best part is the personal messages I receive from parents who get acquainted over time, sharing the good news of their children’s admission. Every such message fills me up with joy.

The RTE volunteer team is a dynamic one balancing their personal priorities and volunteering. Even during times of crisis like lockdown, there is continuous brainstorming and actions carried out to make sure the process of awareness building is not hindered. This clearly shows the spirit the team holds. It isn’t a like-minded crowd, yet every opinion and view is always valued.

Kudos to each and everyone who has been a part and are still a part of the team, and are making a difference through RTE. I am very glad that I was able to associate and contribute towards the cause. Even though I wasn’t able to take part in field campaigning, I do look forward to getting involved in the coming days.

Bhumi, one of India’s largest independent youth volunteer non-profit organisation enables over 30,000 volunteers across 12 cities in India for causes like education, environment, animals and community welfare. To volunteer with us to spread awareness about the Right to Education act, sign up on bhumi.ngo

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