Volunteer Testimonial – Pulkit Gupta

They say “We Make a Living by What We Get, But, We Make a Life by What We Give”

We all live normal lives. Our day starts with getting up in the morning when mobile vibrates, going out to office or college, return back, do our daily chores, spend time with near-n-dear ones and finally surrendering ourselves to our innocent slumbers. But it’s rightly said, you have never really lived until you have done something for someone which can never be re-paid.

My life, before joining Bhumi was a replica of what I described above.

Hi, I am Pulkit Gupta and I have been volunteering with Bhumi for around a year now. I joined Bhumi in the month of December of 2015 when I shifted to Bangalore in a new job. Volunteering was introduced to me by a close friend who would describe it as “very enriching and emotionally healing experience”. I work as an Associate Consultant with Oracle and many of you reading this would know, how joining a new company would give you ample time in beginning to settle down. I utilized this time in Volunteering with Bhumi. Bhumi, in Bangalore runs various projects under its educational initiative. It offers a variety of options to choose from Science, Maths to Computers and Life skills. Volunteers are at the heart of Bhumi. Typically a volunteer at Bhumi contributes his time and energy to mentor children in care homes and orphanages and bring into their lives the attention, care and emotional support that they yearn for.

Content Training for Kanini

I joined Kanini, which is Bhumi’s Computer Literacy Program. First day in the center they mapped me to, was a terrible experience. That day I realized how hard time our teachers had controlling us when we were at school. They are kids after all. You were the same when you were at that age. There were other volunteers with me as well who had by now became accustomed to this behavior. God, I remember, how naughty I used to be in my school days. Starting volunteering was no easy task but the thing with volunteering is, the more you involve, the more connected you will feel with your work, your people and your soul, because at the end of the day, there is something that you’re definitely taking with you. Similar things happened with me. With days passing by, the kids I was mapped to in my center, were able to emotionally connect with me. They would share their secrets, hobbies, their own little experiences and problems. It’s then when you realize, woah !…they lack so much in life and how fortunate we are. Spare some time with these kids and let them share a pie of their life experiences, you will definitely feel your problem amounts to nothing in front of theirs.


Months passed by and finally the day arrived when Bhumi identified me as their Project Coordinator for Kanini, Bangalore. So far, the ride was simple. But now, I had more responsibilities. Things changed, organization reshuffled and I was given the responsibility to handle a team of 40 volunteers (and counting …) to handle and impact lives of around 200 children. Becoming a Project Coordinator with Bhumi is really a very enriching experience. Bhumi holds various training programs and sessions to mentor its coordinators. It gave me bundle of opportunities to enhance my leadership skills, communication skills, team management and project management skills. It’s been a roller coaster ride of ups and downs; and the thing with roller coasters is that ‘downs’ are more thrilling than ‘ups’. I now realize what my friend meant with “very enriching and emotionally healing experience”. Truly, I had a similar experience with Bhumi.


Pulkit Gupta, Volunteer, Bhumi

Bhumi’s education programme Ignite is supported by a grant from Oracle since 2014.

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