Volunteer Testimonial – Dhasarath Ramesh

This is a story of a volunteer who wants to share something on his journey with Bhumi so far, on this special day. You might wonder why this is a special day for him. Here you go with a short story for that.

DhasarathI was a volunteer even before I could join Bhumi. I used to go for monthly workshops to some institutions, just to make myself feel comfortable and to do something useful. Though I was a part of the team, I am a kind of soft-spoken person who doesn’t mingle much with new people. Few months passed like this and there was one session that triggered in me that I wanted to do something more. In fact, it was not a session; it was an incident that happened with a kid –that cute little fight and the sweet affectionate behavior from that little kid was the reason behind all.

I felt like I wanted to do something regularly instead. I searched through some websites and I came to know about Bhumi. Before I could change my mind due to that introvert character in me, I thought I should give it a try. Registered myself in Bhumi.org. After few days, before I could forget, I received an email from them asking me to attend an orientation program that was about to happen on a coming weekend (i.e. on 26/7/2015).

I accepted the invite and had enough courage in me just to attend the Induction. Where again I met few new friends like Mathpal and co. The program started after a while and everything that I could hear was in Greek and Latin. I didn’t try to involve myself much and there is no wonder even if they had thought that this guy is not capable of doing what we wanted. Surprisingly, they didn’t do what I thought. Instead, these guys tried their level best to make me feel comfortable and this made me go for the 1st session after induction and stuffs.

Everyone was new to me and as usual, I tried to isolate myself from the crowd. But once again the kids tried to take me out of what I am. They pulled me, dragged me made me talk and somehow managed to break the ice. Few weeks and months passed and the fellow volunteers made tremendous efforts to make me whom I am right now. You won’t believe that now all the fellow volunteers don’t want me to open my mouth, as they couldn’t hear all the nonsense that I speak.

It has been exactly one year since I have stepped into Bhumi and it has given me enough memories to cherish throughout my lifetime. On this special day, I wanted to thank all my co-volunteers and I am proud to be a Bhumian!

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