A volunteer speaks her heart on reviving Vibhutipura lake

Revive Lakes is functional in Bengaluru for over an year now. Bhumi volunteers are taking persistent efforts to revive Vibhutipura Lake. The lake is located near HAL area. Volunteers are highly motived and focused to preserve nature. They remain stoic to any hurdles they face. They dedicated their weekends to contribute towards sustainable development with unwavering mind. A summary of the impact of Revive Lakes programme is presented below. To read complete article on the clean-up drive, click here.

Delrine Lewis is one significant contributor to this Revive lakes project. She has shared her experience with us, which is reproduced in this article. Delrine has visited APSA dream school at HAL many times. She had conducted ‘Ignite’ classes in the school (then becoming City coordinator). She never knew a lake existed in the area, as it resembled a dump yard. It was much later that she got to know from other volunteers about the lake just behind the school. “I have been part of a few clean-up events held at the lake. When I first visited the Lake area, I was surprised at its sheer size. I presumed it’d be a small lake” says Delrine.

“We started with cleaning the garbage on the boundary. A small group of like-minded volunteers cleared large amount of garbage from the Lake area. Despite the plastics-ban and worldwide awareness on avoiding poor quality plastics, we saw indigestible amount of plastics thrown. As we cleaned the lake further, all we could see were weeds, sewage water entering the lake and lots of hyacinth.”

She rightly feels that people are the reason behind the lake’s pitiful condition. Negligence and irresponsible actions can cause such massive destruction to ecosystem.

“We also had a door-to-door campaigning where we would talk to the nearby residents on waste management. From the campaign, it was shockingly evident that most of them where aware about garbage being dumped into the lake. Few accepted to dumping the waste into the lake, as it was an easier way to get rid of the waste. We tried to educate the residents to comply with the municipal/corporation facilities of garbage segregation and collection. Many praised us for our efforts and promised to adhere. It was a feeling of warm content when they assured us of not polluting the lake. Hopefully, our constant efforts will result in enlightening more people on preserving environment for sustainable development.”

This lake clean-up project is being phased over seven categories. It is planned for completion by mid-2018. As of now clean-up is completed and tree plantation is going on. Further phases will include fencing for lake protection, installing Root-Zone Water Treatment (RZWT) and many more. RWZT is for safe sewage treatment and preventing contamination of Lake water.

The revive lakes project addresses various points of UN’s Sustainable Development Goals; such natural bodies can help provide us clean water and building sustainable cities. The project also helps to control floods to some extent, contributing to UNISDR’s goal of reducing impact of disaster. This selfless volunteering activity is promoting equality among people. Volunteers team up to act unanimously for greater good, showing stoic indifference to status or origin.

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